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Why is it that clients for workplace design are less likely to entertain new ideas for their offices compared to those clients for residential designs?


There are many changes that you can do for commercial spaces, that could be a reason. Compared to designs for commercial spaces clients are more familiar with home design and unaware of the potential for their offices. There are six ways to make your offices unique.  You can get more info about Commercial Interior Design Mesa AZ right here.




You should not be frightened of colors! Professionalism is usually linked with colors such as white, grey, and other bland colors. If you have already a good design then adding color to it will only improve it. Office and homes alike needs colors.


2. Illumination and Light Fixtures


You could use different sources of illumination for added novelty. To add to the decoration to the space you could try to add unusual fixtures. The office could look more appealing by adding these various and unique fixtures. Art could be added through the various decorative designs of the lighting fixtures. Walls could be designed by strategically places illumination and certain area could also be highlighted. Here's a good post to read about Remodeling Chandler AZ, check this out! 


3. Texture


Wooden slats and embossed panels, or varying materials such as crackle glass, concrete and many more could be used to decorate walls rather than using plain old paint.


4. Peculiar Shapes 


Unexpected shapes could make spaces noteworthy and unique. Carpets, bulkheads, ceilings, and painted surfaces could be used to place curves.


5. Dividers for Spaces


Open spaces could feel uninviting so space dividers could be used to make them more appealing and they come in many shapes and sizes. Seeming transparent dividers like screen and glass are used to have a perception of an open space and still have light come through and solid ones are really used for evident separation. Different types of space dividers are used for different reason, for solid dividers they are used for more separation, on the other hand transparent ones are employed to keep the open and light atmosphere of an open space while subtly dividing spaces.


6. Acrylic and Glass 


In commercial spaces anything shiny or bright is considered somewhat of the jewelry for the place. Sleek surfaces, partitions, textures, and pops of colors are only some of the things that decorative glass and acrylic could do to commercial spaces. The inlaid particles that could be found in glass such as metals, bubbles and other natural elements could add to the theme and beauty that your interior designer might want to achieve.


When planning for your design you need to keep these ideas in mind. Having a beautiful company with its own character can help your company outshine other, so you should keep these things in mind when you brainstorming with your interior designer.